December 14, 2020

Secrets you’ll want to know about what’s in a potato chip, and if they can be part of a healthy diet.

As you plunge your hand into a crinkly bag of potato chips you may wonder, what’s in a potato chip that makes them so tasty? Can potato chips be part of a healthy diet? Yes, they can! Go on and celebrate with a handful of potato chips. Let the salty, crunchy texture satisfy your next snack craving without any guilt. Discover below, secrets known by nutrition experts, on how to find the healthiest potato chips.


Potato chips in white ceramic bowl


Can potato chips be part of a healthy diet?

Potato chips are a tasty treat that can be part of a healthy diet. Everyone of us is different, and as such the definition of what a healthy diet is to you will vary from the next person. Yet, there are two key commonalities to all healthy diets: eat lots of nutritious foods that help support your body function, and include the occasional treat. Can you eat potato chips every day and be healthy? You might want to keep your potato chip inhaling episodes to a few times a week. Data collected from the large population study, called The Nurses’ Health Study, showed eating potato chips daily for 4 years can cause a 1.7 lb weight gain in adults. But, eating potato chips occassionally can be part of a healthy diet. Ready to enjoy some potato chips? Here’s what you need to know to find the best potato chip.


What’s in a potato chip?

Potato chips are thin slices of potatoes that are cooked and seasoned. Traditional potato chips are fried in shortening, seasoned with salt and seasonings, like artificial flavours or MSG, then sprinkled with additives and preservatives such as emulsifiers and ascorbic acid. The result is a crunchy, salty, flavour-packed treat that contains trans fats, cholesterol, preservatives and artificial ingredients. Luckily, not all potato chips are made this way. Some potato chips are made with healthier oils, and without artificial flavours or ingredients. 


Wish chip


How to choose a healthier potato chip

  1. Cooked in Avocado Oil

Potato chips cooked in avocado oil are a healthier option. Avocado oil is lighter than traditional oils, and has a great flavour. Plus, avocado oil can create a healthier potato chip with no trans fats or cholesterol.


  1. All-Natural Ingredients

Enjoy all the great flavour of your favourite traditional chip in a healthier version when you opt for chips made with all-natural seasoning. Go farther and opt for a potato chip made without preservatives.


  1. Use a Bowl

It feels good to eat chips! Scientists have discovered that eating potato chips triggers the brains’ reward center. So, go ahead and eat some chips! But, snack smart and put some potato chips into a bowl to help you portion control. Recreational over-eating is a new pastime worth ditching. Have you ever sat down to watch a show with a bag of chips then suddenly realized you’ve eaten the entire bag? You’re not alone. Eating to excess for pleasure, rather than hunger is what scientists call hedonic hyperphagia, and it plagues millions of people around the world.


  1. Root Vegetables

Have you considered a root chip? Root vegetables make delicious chips. From beets to parsnips, you can plunge your hand into a bag of vegetable chips as an alternative tasty snack.


Hardbite Potato Chips 

*Created in paid partnership with HardBite Chips, a Canadian company who makes avocado oil, hand-crafted potato chips with no artificial ingredients.





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