January 08, 2021

Spice up your lunch with this easy healthy recipe for Brilliant Curry Tuna Collard Green Wrap from my book, Aging Bites. Why should you bite into this beauty? The spice in this recipe is particularly helpful at fighting inflammation, a major culprit of many unwanted signs of aging, such as wrinkles, cognitive decline and sore joints. 


Healthy Lunch Swap

In your busy life, you need a mouth-watering, protein-rich, brain-boosting, inflammation-stiffling lunch that you can prepare quickly. This is the perfect answer. Here’s my favourite wrap  recipe, the Brilliant Curry Tuna Collard Green Wrap. Don't have collard greens on hand? That's okay - try it with a large piece of romaine lettuce. Why opt for a green leaf to wrap up this curry tuna mix?  It's a crisp, refreshing alternative to grainy breads or wraps, which contain gluten that can bother some people's digestive tracts by promoting inflammation.This simple switch from a traditional flour wrap to a leafy green wrap is one way to help you love how you age!


Eat to Slow Down Aging

Populations around the world who age better than us North Americans/Europeans who eat a Western Diet, are not large consumers of breads and wraps. Get your grains (because we need the minerals and fibre they contain) from whole food sources, like gluten-free oatmeal, farro, or quinoa instead of processed bread. There's much more about how certain dietary choices can improve how you feel as you age, in Aging Bites.


Brilliant Curry Tuna Collard Green Wrap Recipe

From the book, Aging Bites: How the Foods You’re Eating May Be Making You Age Faster is a delicious, fast, healthy recipe that incorporates many principles of healthy anti-aging eating. This is one of a dozen recipes found in this full-colour book, available in soft cover, or ebook.

From Aging Bites: How the Foods You’re Eating May Be Making You Age Faster. Available here.


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