FUELLED: Workshop for Athletes

Allison Tannis

Perfect for sports teams...

An Interactive Learning Experience


This upbeat, interactive, hands-on workshop helps athletes develop skills to optimize the way they fuel their body, before, during & after exercise.

Participants will take away from this 1-hour workshop sport-specific nutrition strategies they can use to optimize their performance & recovery.

Specially designed to kickstart life-long healthy habits & body positivity. 



Learn through discussions & hands-on interactive activities about: 

  • Ideal snacks (how to find, make & leverage them)
  • Recovery nutrition (why, when & how to best refuel)
  • Sugar (how to find it & it's role in sports performance)
  • Protein (decipher hype from facts & discover the best kid sources)
  • Options for hydration (which drink is best for you)
  • Supplementation (if appropriate, then which ones to use)


Every workshop is personalized* & tailored to your team's age, gender & level of competition. 

Join 100s of Dancers, Gymnasts, Hockey & Ultimate Frisbee Players...

...who have transformed their sports performance with a new outlook on the food they choose to use as their fuel.


Imagine the impact this could have on your athletes.



U.S. & Canadian National Champion, & Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Allison Tannis BSc MSc RHN leads these dynamic, interactive workshops. She is the author of 5 nutrition books sold around the world, & a motivational health speaker on stages across North America.

 Allison Tannis Canadian National Champion for Ultimate Frisbee receiving gold medal, shaking hands with person out of picture

*If your athletes are struggling with a particular area of nutrition, contact us to tailor your workshop so it will maximize the effectiveness of the program on your athletes.


Maximum Group Session Size: 30 (May vary based on event location limits.)

For available workshop dates and locations, please contact us

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